“Well, we love coming here just because, first of all, Lena at the front desk is so friendly. Every time we come in, she knows exactly who we are. We have six children — she remembers every single one of them. Every single hygienist we have here is so friendly and comforting to them. They really make sure they understand what they’re going to be doing, and they tell them before they do it so there’s no surprises. Then once Dr. Sandhu comes in, she’s so encouraging, and she tells them what a great job that they’re doing brushing their teeth. She’s really, really great with kids, and they feel totally comfortable, especially our ones that are very nervous about coming to the dentist. I would absolutely recommend Silverman Dental. They are just very accommodating. If there’s something that we have an issue with, they get back to us right away. Like I said, we’ve been coming here for over 10 years and plan to come here for many more years in the future.”